The child within us all…

304526_365836956819936_1322828807_n.jpg  the child within us all


The child within all of us….
This reminds me of myself as a young girl on the open plains
of the midwest, which they call the “heartland.” Even then I would gaze out and ponder in my heart what was out there beyond my world. Little did I realize the wonder of the journey that would characterize my life! Becoming a mother was certainly one of my greater joys, being part of a family, walking with my brothers and sisters and parents, having grandchildren, being a teacher, a speaker, an actress, an educator, a constant learner, a lover of nature, a writer, a mystic, a poet, and opening to be and discover friends of the heart. I am moved by beauty and guided by love. Am deeply grateful for life and this earth we call home.Feel the power of the creative life and the expansion of spirit that opens the universe! I am a lover of rivers…..and the flow to an open sea……..Wishing you joy and the grace to be free…to create a life that is right for thee!!


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