The glow of divine embrace..

unnamed (6).jpg roseness


Sitting very quietly in the innocence of a new dawn
I could hear the crackling sound of pine cones
expanding in the warming light of the sun…
saw the blades of grass move to grow when touched..
felt my heart aching from the tenderness of love
when heaven kneels to sweep us in the cradling arms
of spirit on the wings of wind, the gleaming dew
still clinging to the lips that sing this song to you…


One Response to “The glow of divine embrace..”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Dear Naomi…… how I relate to these words…… have tasted them … “the heart aching from tenderness of love”…. yes….. nothing more beautiful … sweet and painful at the same time……. till heaven kneels and sweeps us in gentle caressing embrace……. thank you … feeling waves of love coming from across the ocean….. through your poetry…. dear Naomi…..

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