I celebrate thy being free…

air-peace-freedom-space.jpg flight of bird

So many ways we proclaim
and glorify His Name,
we pour out our confessions
in endless expressions.

So many ways to pray and to say
what we feel to be real on our knees,
in seclusion, by the seaside, far and wide,
we surrender to a call to pray for All.

Some are called to listen to the heart,
some to fall into love to learn to live,
some to give and give and give and give.
Others feel the flight and light of Joy!

Some are destined not to know
and turn away from all we say.
They dwell in doubt and fear,
have no idea why they’re here!

Perhaps we simply choose
and find a way to share our dreams,
and there is no deeper answer
for how we truly ought to live?

Do you long to belong somewhere?
Do you like your boundaries?
Does your soul yearn to be free?
How would you live if you could?

A million faces in a million spaces,
we travel along singing our song.
We cry and lie and try to know,
then just give up and let it go.

Someone said what they truly hate
is being told they cannot create!
Please don’t tell me what to do!
Just let me sit here now with you!

You like to cheer for a winning team?
The athletes train to win the game!
Do you even want to have a name!
Is it your given right to dream?

What if I love you enough to set you free!
If I did, what would you want to be?
I must say I love the romance
of each moment I live this glorious dance!


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