Play of the light of love..

10641088_10206451440432792_4658247966968904071_n.jpg  Rassouli painting

Slipping into the fresh morning air
to meet you
where the mystic’s play

where the spirits move freely
in the gardens we create

and the sweet spring of living water
is forever renewing our souls

we feel the refreshing cool caressing winds
from the kingdom of the Beloved

the sweet streaming spring
creating rushing rivers

cleansing the earth and us
on the way to the great rhythmic sea

of alpha waves of wellbeing
and the cresting moments
of pure Joy

pouring out the mystic’s cure
shared through centuries
of secrets

to heal the world
with beauty
of the light of love

the pure sanctuary
of freedom

a tonic
of embracing

where the wild flowering
of the heart and soul
is possible

may our spirits
be attuned and aligned

with the new creation
and the music
of wandering minstrels

scattering seeds
and sharing
the visions and songs
of joy

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