The Light of Creation..

Eternal Annexation (1)



We flow beyond time into the light
of awareness beyond the roof of the world
a freedom of spirit that bridges the seen
with what is not seen, yet perceived
through the love and grace of God…

Each journey is unique and personal
empowered by relationship with
the infinite and intimate presence
of a creative and caring Beloved
generously aligned with every heart…

We are inspired by others and encouraged
but we are called in this dance of life
in which we have awakened to the light
to live the truth and nature of our being
in this diverse and changing world…

We are the creative expression
of the Source from which we come
conceived in likeness through spirit
yet formed in life, framed in culture
and time, flowering here on earth…

We are the rhythm and songs of love
the movement and waves of seasons
walking and whirling in spiraling variation
a kaleidoscope of tumbling color and form
caressed by gentle winds of divine breath…

We are the holy family of all beginnings
the wondrous continuing creation
of Love giving birth to itself
light from Light spreading its rays
from moment to glorious moment…

May we learn to rejoice and celebrate
in sharing the privilege to create our lives
and live the joy we are given one by one
reflecting the kindness and love we feel
in this adventure of becoming real…



Painting by Rassouli…

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