Celebration of Light

1521270_509924105788125_1088869653_n  angel
The invisibility of essence
formless breath
the lightness of being
the kingdom within
where the Beloved settles like fog
in mountain meadows
where the shepherd roams
where the air is thin and pure…
the songs of the winds crooning through the lips
of the wandering free spirit
the angel- like water tumbling down
the mountain side
the fragments of clouds like spun sugar
spinning sweetness
where pure embracing love
dances like patterns of light
upon a blushing sky
 lacy snowflakes melting on the warm lips
of life itself
 gliding beneath the open palms and fingertips
spreading a balm of joy
healing wounds
psalms of the heart
stroking the strands of silence
to hear the music
of God
A young shepherd boy with a laurel wreath of light
dancing in his curls
is surrendering to the call
of the muse
surrounded by the beauty
of a virgin forest
of soft whispering evergreens
and groves of cypress
giving way to a lion-hearted passion
to reach the pinnacle
of love
where the mountain ends
and the sky begins
where rainbow colors play in the mist
of tears
and the rays
of a golden sun

One Response to “Celebration of Light”

  1. neeraj Says:

    Wow sublime words.
    you are a blessed mystic soul.
    beyond words.
    be blessed forever.

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