Only the Beloved..


Good morning…
Perhaps those of  you
who read my streaming writing
are beginning to know how sacred
this time is for me….
early morning..monastic time..
The silence is truly a balm……
the silken touch
from spiritual hands….
that touch the vulnerabilities
that come
from being human….
the soft presence
that could be described
a thousand ways…
a time for
opening the sheltering space
which is touched only by the purity
of divine silence…
a soulful presence beyond
our words..
yet…there is no mistaking
it is a living presence
the up close and personal embrace
of belovedness..
There is a way of letting the words fall
into uncreated space
like drifting
soft silence
an anointing energy
 a song
of meaning
for my heart alone
We spin and weave our story
from the creative spaces
within ourselves
we feel the blessing and the glory
of the Light
illuminates the revelation
of this present moment
that touches
the secrets of a vibrant life
in the midst of all
the illusions
a song
only the Beloved
can sing

3 Responses to “Only the Beloved..”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Yes dearest Naomi……. a song ….. only the Beloved can sing….. and he lets you write the lyrics of divine love…. he lets you tell…. the story that has no end… only belonging…… ever increasing expanding tenderness and joy………. while being anchored in the mystic love with the Only One…… thank you dear friend

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Thank you for sharing the vision and the grace of the gift of God that changes everything….

  3. ohcgd108 Says:

    This is beautiful and so gracefully describes my early morning silent and still time. Beautiful

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