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Feeling the Presence…

August 31, 2016

14196112_10210553021529756_6489253675859332054_o.jpg Presence.jpg



Whispering with the Beloved

August 29, 2016

window of eternity

Whispering with the Beloved
sometimes feels
like the sound of wind in evergreens
a truly mystical communion
for no one
in the universe
can translate
the sacred breath of
divine intimacy
that contains the rushing sound
of Spirit
the Presence of Love
without the disguise of form
and matter
The awakening of the soul
sometimes feels
like the gentle spreading of light
at dawn
the rhythm of the heart
like pulsing wings of a dove
in the soft moist
living darkness
of the chest
The flow of divine breath
sometimes feels like the silkiness
of undulating strands
of the fine hair
of angels
catching the light
swirling like thermals of air
in the deepening blue
of an
infinite sky
 The communion of what seems to be
opposite sometimes feels
like the raindrops
and disappearing
into the sea
the way we vanish
into thee
like the joy of laughter
the light in
our eyes
closing what appears
to be distance
between who we are
and what we
we see
Who can explain
the miracle
Only God truly holds
our secrets
The song quivering in the sea
is felt
in the spray
of the waves of Love
draw us under
where there is life

Rivering Spirit of Love…

August 28, 2016
12697047_10208781712848146_7699115369214576686_o.jpg river of spirit of love
Out of the silence, the sweetest love can arise
calling forth from my heart, the deepest sighs..
the Spirit of God is filling the air..
soft peace surrounding me everywhere..
feeling a moist kiss of pure caressing..
as a settling mist becomes a blessing..
giving birth to moments so alive and warm..
the creative power of love to transform
to feel the revelation of a life so new
and flow eternally in what is true..
my rivering reach, O Lord, to You
melting into the glory of You..

Thy enduring Love is our Joy

August 26, 2016

248b7acd7a17deb8e8acc9d90b5f3cc4.jpg yongsung kim


Oh sweet Lord, Beloved God,

we look with a deeper gratitude

at the precious gift of all life….

and drink in the beauty

and the unique expression

of each and every heart,

the wonder of this living earth

on which we live,

the elements that sustain us,

the art that lifts our spirits,

and love wells up for each and every moment

of the streaming blessings

of the infinite energy of creation.

May we cherish it all in our hearts

and live the joy of the moments

we are given in praise and thanksgiving.

May we form an enduring  covenant of love

with our God,

the Source of All Life….


Jesus close-up by Yongsung Kim

How truly precious is thy sweet Love…..

The Grace of God Alone…

August 23, 2016



A soft arrow of love
has landed in my heart
and someone else
is breathing for me
Eyelashes brush
against my skin
and gentle hands
stroke my hair
and whisper my name..


Swept into an embrace
only God knows
a sheltering creative space
beyond all my desire
to share it and discover
a way to open
what seems to be
a divine portal to Spirit


It has been called a kingdom
a void….a placelessness
but no word can hold it
nor reveal its truth
save God alone..
We die to self
and surrender the pull
of opposites
and somehow pray
for faith
in the pure love
of a tenderness
a shimmering
whispering silence
I call
the Beloved…


The beauty is everywhere
to eyes that truly seek God alone
spinning silken threads
glistening in the light
like strands of angel hair
weightless and delicate
floating and drifting
on an unseen breeze..
transparent and glowing
ever flowing….


Mist of tears and dissolving fears
silken strings like seeds of light
billions in the line of vision
when God looks through our eyes
fragments of starlight..


Nothing left to do but trust
the Love that creates
beyond all reason
the Love that is
hidden in Life itself…


This I believe..

August 19, 2016

25510771073_0fb5e959f8.jpg  water and light


The eyes of one who is truly in love with God are lost

in the brilliance of seeing the beauty for which our sight was created!

We have been formed to share the glory of the infinite One

out of whom we are rising into whoever we are longing to become!!

All is shining out from the hidden places within us and suddenly,

we feel the trembling and tender touch of the One

who dwells within us, as we surrender into the miracle of love,

and the recognition swells into a symphony

of divine music and arias of a thousand hearts

that flow out in a chorus of songs across the world

in every language!

May the sacred music of love bring us to our knees

before this holy belovedness.

We call this presence Allness, or Godness,

or a thousand different names

and declare a thousand beliefs that claim to know

the Nature of such an omniscient and thrilling,

constant force of Love as speech melts on your tongue

into the divine wine of a breath of sweetened silence,

and you will know you are not able to utter a word

or speak on your own.

We are caught up in the whirlwinds of loving,

humbled and frightened by arms that sweep us into

the exploding magnificence of the stars,

as the changing face of the skies are reflecting

the blushing of divine ecstasy as the flashing lightning

in the eyes of God seem to be delighting in us!

Our beingness flares into flames

from the fire that fuels the creative current of light

that illuminates the world.

The water that sustains us pours from the well

of the seas and oceans and rivers and lakes that rise

and fall from the sky as clear and glowing rain, as a single

divine gaze creates a sun to shine upon all that exists.

What fools begin to strut around pretending to be little gods

and kings who want to rule a kingdom of their own,

when all we have been given is the pure grace

of a God who wants to give us joy!

We have been set free by this great love

and now, with the awe and surprise of our astonished eyes,

we are being courted in ways we could never have dreamed.

No handful of posies from a nervous suitor at our door,

but fields of flowers of every color spread out before us blossoming

and blooming and changing before our eyes.

No bottle of wine to blot out our fears,

but the wine of a love flooding our senses

exciting and inviting us to surrender into sheltering arms.

Gaze at this earth and reflect for one brief moment

of the miraculous way a single hand works,

or awaken to the brilliance of sight and all we behold,

breathe in the rich scent of the earth rising after a rain.

Savor the taste of a divine kiss lingering sensuously

on our lips as the wine of the grapes of a thousand vineyards

leave us trembling in the fragrance and the clarity

of glistening beauty ripened by the sun.

Then simply try to speak as one who knows anything!

Listen to a thousand birds each singing a different song

as the dawn breaks to reveal a day that has never

been before since the beginning of time!

Hear the whisper of a breeze tickling and talking in your ear,

feel it ruffling your hair, slipping beneath your clothes

to touch your skin.

Feel the sensuous water kissing your feet with waves

that roll in to touch the shores of your being,

and then tell me our Creator is not a Beloved who loves us

with a greatness we cannot begin to fathom in a thousand years!

It is frightening to be so loved when we know our weaknesses,

so we pretend to know what we cannot truly understand!

Try to create a single butterfly and see how much you know!

Oh my brothers and sisters, we are One family of a God

who created us for each other, and we are loved beyond

anything we ever could imagine!

Fall into the beauty of arms that will hold you

next to the great heart of an exalting love beyond your dreams!

We are blessed beyond belief.

A tiny little butterfly that can flash its beauty

with a flutter of wings, has more grace than we do,

can fly, and has the sense to sip the sweetness

from a flowering world!

Awaken to the Love that surrounds you, that flows within your veins,

and feel the flow of the river rushing through you that carries the

seeds that can become a totally new and amazing human being

that will grace the earth with light and dance the unbelievable joy

of love and life that is ours through Grace…


And a little child shall lead us..

August 15, 2016

Lily walking in the sunlight 001.jpg


The universe kneels at your feet
touches your toes
softly caresses your hair
plays a sweet music in the wind
keeps a pulsing rhythm in your heart
invites you to experience a deep sweet flow
of breath within and through you
surrounds you with life and the changing beauty
of the seasons wrapping you in a divine
embrace and vibrant presence of freedom
which all comes as a grace to every
creature and person on earth…

And as we meet whatever challenges
come which seem to diminish our existence..
we find a rising faith and hope inside
to help us face whatever happens..
the sun rises and lights our way..
a love inside befriends and supports
the moments we stumble and fall
when we wonder how we will go on..
a child takes our hand and helps us
remember the play of innocence..
lost in the wonder of the world around us..

The moon and stars kindle our dreaming
and the rivers and lakes and the rains
cool and call us to turn our faces
to feel the welcoming glow of sea and sky
to be aware of the awakening of every dawn
and embrace the settling peace of every night
to trust and open our hearts to the giver of life
who gives inclusively to all life if we live in faith
and humility and gratitude for whatever we have..
We are a greater family living in a oneness of
May we rediscover our delight and live in Joy…


Naomi Stone's photo.
breathing in the fragrance….of life……
Naomi Stone's photo.
the sun is following me…
 the earth is a mothering grace

Naomi Stone's photo.
nurturing and welcoming the spirit within us

Naomi Stone's photo.
Naomi Stone's photo.
 reaching for the sunlight…

Naomi Stone's photo.
come play with me….

Naomi Stone's photo.
moments of joy
Naomi Stone's photo.
 welcoming beauty of a child…
Naomi Stone's photo.
sweet love
Metha Buysman's photo.
…so enjoy all these pictures …. lovely …. pure and innocent……
 …Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is to truly see God.
….Beautiful flow of thoughts, words and a blender of sincere love,  God Bless!
Wow! Absolutely… i am not wondering….can never ever wonder.. since its flows through your pen…..because you are one of those gifted souls inwhose hands God has placed a viola to sooth the spirit with heavenly music and bring fellow souls close to life and the beauty of life.
Am sure i don’t need say it is so…since you are a torch to light us on our way to the divine in our dreams…
and as far as the kiddos are concerned…..the thing which the child loves remains in the domain of the heart until old age….
the most beautiful thing in life is that our soul remains hovering over the place where we once enjoyed ourselves.
much love beautiful soul…
keep blessing us…

The pure light of unconditional love..

August 13, 2016

268b76e5567f2d89e60975393886c010.jpgbeholding the light of your heart


To be touched by the spirit of pure unconditional love
is to be launched into an experience or perception
beyond anything one has ever known or felt before…
It is to be transformed, transfigured, and lifted….
to be made new in the cleansing light of eyes
that see you as you are and loves you beyond reason,
beyond special interests, beyond brilliance or ignorance,
beyond beauty or deformity, beyond anything achievable,
beyond worthiness, plunging one into humility
and vulnerability, naked before the light of such love

When we fall under the gaze of beholding,
being seen in the light by pure selfless presence,
we begin to truly live from this moment of innocence…
Open your heart, your soul, your mind, and your spirit
to the pure presence of God and feel the enchanting
alchemy of becoming a beloved of pure Belovedness.



painting by Arild Rosenkrantz

sacred touch of dawn

August 12, 2016
00-rassouli-touch-of-dawn -4
The sweet sheltering
of night
just before dawn
is filled
with God
when I listen
 with an open heart
and soul
and am present
to the appearance
of the light
as it touches
and spreads across the sky
the dawn is filled with
an exalting music
I can only hear
in stillness and silence
like the soft
sound of a harp
the pure sound of a mystical
love song
the long deep sigh
of divine breath
the sky changes to a faint blue
like a quiet sea
and then breaks free
of the night
 overflowing with light
anointing the earth
with the glow
of morning
something within me
stirs and feels the emergence
of the creative energy
from which
all life has come
as a sacred
the pine tree rustles
as birds flutter and stir
and appear to sing
and announce
the dawn
the sweet sounds
they have been given
my heart is flooded
with love
and a rising joy
as I sing
my own song
with all of nature
that greets
the arrival of the One
who creates
the dawn
when we are attentive
and faithful
to feel the moods
and complexity
of the ever changing
face of creation
in all life
we slip into the stream
of Oneness
with the One who
us all

A falling flow of living water

August 8, 2016
flow of living water
When I listen and open my being
before God
to give presence
with an open heart and soul
and a higher mind
than mine..
I feel the flow of the divine
through all that I am..
The flow seems to ignite
soft explosions
along the chain of life
that moves this existence
here on earth
into the purity of creation…
Everything moves in the light
of a vision of wholeness
that sees all things at once..
which I perceive
only through the gaze
of the Oneness
that created us all…
This becomes a springboard
for a flight beyond
the words that land
upon a page
perhaps I might
dare to express as
the dawning of a new world…
Created by love alone
I dissolve and melt in the beauty
trusting the Source
which reveals it to me
as I vanish into
the essence
of an eternal becoming…