Only the wind whispers his name..

tumblr_nvshgxRCvs1tuaoxno1_1280.jpg mountain man in clouds
Only the wind whispers his name
He is a man of God
a spirit who wanders in the beauty
of rain and wind
and dwells in the quietness
of his soul
who hears the music
of the earth
and lives through the rhythm
of life
moment by moment
The spirit
within him
guides his steps
as a divine
in ways only he
can feel
He has what he needs
for the present
and it is more
than enough
nourishing his body
his heart
silencing his mind
and quieting
his soul
He is a radiant light
carrying the glow
of God
as a beacon
for those who
hunger and thirst
for the
of God
The past vanishes
in time
and the future
has yet to be created
for it is
the present moment
that holds
the empowering energy
of creation
in the divine
of etenal love
Such anointed souls
 see themselves
as the little ones
truly humble and poor
as they wander
the earth
scattering the seeds
of love
and the light
of spirit
as the only true
in the world
Their name and fortune
is lost in
 a vanishing awe
they feel
for the glory
and grace
of the God
who is the giver
of all
beauty and truth
and life
The divine whispering
in the wind
sings a love song
and brushes his lips
with the same dew
of freshness
that clings to the rose
anointing him
with the spirit
of love
The wonder of his being
invites all
to the table
of communion with God
to find their
own path
and quiet reflection
listening for the gentle
sounds of God
in the beating of one’s heart
and the soft breeze
of divine breath
that warms
the soul

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