A falling flow of living water

flow of living water
When I listen and open my being
before God
to give presence
with an open heart and soul
and a higher mind
than mine..
I feel the flow of the divine
through all that I am..
The flow seems to ignite
soft explosions
along the chain of life
that moves this existence
here on earth
into the purity of creation…
Everything moves in the light
of a vision of wholeness
that sees all things at once..
which I perceive
only through the gaze
of the Oneness
that created us all…
This becomes a springboard
for a flight beyond
the words that land
upon a page
perhaps I might
dare to express as
the dawning of a new world…
Created by love alone
I dissolve and melt in the beauty
trusting the Source
which reveals it to me
as I vanish into
the essence
of an eternal becoming…

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