sacred touch of dawn

00-rassouli-touch-of-dawn -4
The sweet sheltering
of night
just before dawn
is filled
with God
when I listen
 with an open heart
and soul
and am present
to the appearance
of the light
as it touches
and spreads across the sky
the dawn is filled with
an exalting music
I can only hear
in stillness and silence
like the soft
sound of a harp
the pure sound of a mystical
love song
the long deep sigh
of divine breath
the sky changes to a faint blue
like a quiet sea
and then breaks free
of the night
 overflowing with light
anointing the earth
with the glow
of morning
something within me
stirs and feels the emergence
of the creative energy
from which
all life has come
as a sacred
the pine tree rustles
as birds flutter and stir
and appear to sing
and announce
the dawn
the sweet sounds
they have been given
my heart is flooded
with love
and a rising joy
as I sing
my own song
with all of nature
that greets
the arrival of the One
who creates
the dawn
when we are attentive
and faithful
to feel the moods
and complexity
of the ever changing
face of creation
in all life
we slip into the stream
of Oneness
with the One who
us all

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