The pure light of unconditional love..

268b76e5567f2d89e60975393886c010.jpgbeholding the light of your heart


To be touched by the spirit of pure unconditional love
is to be launched into an experience or perception
beyond anything one has ever known or felt before…
It is to be transformed, transfigured, and lifted….
to be made new in the cleansing light of eyes
that see you as you are and loves you beyond reason,
beyond special interests, beyond brilliance or ignorance,
beyond beauty or deformity, beyond anything achievable,
beyond worthiness, plunging one into humility
and vulnerability, naked before the light of such love

When we fall under the gaze of beholding,
being seen in the light by pure selfless presence,
we begin to truly live from this moment of innocence…
Open your heart, your soul, your mind, and your spirit
to the pure presence of God and feel the enchanting
alchemy of becoming a beloved of pure Belovedness.



painting by Arild Rosenkrantz

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