And a little child shall lead us..

Lily walking in the sunlight 001.jpg


The universe kneels at your feet
touches your toes
softly caresses your hair
plays a sweet music in the wind
keeps a pulsing rhythm in your heart
invites you to experience a deep sweet flow
of breath within and through you
surrounds you with life and the changing beauty
of the seasons wrapping you in a divine
embrace and vibrant presence of freedom
which all comes as a grace to every
creature and person on earth…

And as we meet whatever challenges
come which seem to diminish our existence..
we find a rising faith and hope inside
to help us face whatever happens..
the sun rises and lights our way..
a love inside befriends and supports
the moments we stumble and fall
when we wonder how we will go on..
a child takes our hand and helps us
remember the play of innocence..
lost in the wonder of the world around us..

The moon and stars kindle our dreaming
and the rivers and lakes and the rains
cool and call us to turn our faces
to feel the welcoming glow of sea and sky
to be aware of the awakening of every dawn
and embrace the settling peace of every night
to trust and open our hearts to the giver of life
who gives inclusively to all life if we live in faith
and humility and gratitude for whatever we have..
We are a greater family living in a oneness of
May we rediscover our delight and live in Joy…


Naomi Stone's photo.
breathing in the fragrance….of life……
Naomi Stone's photo.
the sun is following me…
 the earth is a mothering grace

Naomi Stone's photo.
nurturing and welcoming the spirit within us

Naomi Stone's photo.
Naomi Stone's photo.
 reaching for the sunlight…

Naomi Stone's photo.
come play with me….

Naomi Stone's photo.
moments of joy
Naomi Stone's photo.
 welcoming beauty of a child…
Naomi Stone's photo.
sweet love
Metha Buysman's photo.
…so enjoy all these pictures …. lovely …. pure and innocent……
 …Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is to truly see God.
….Beautiful flow of thoughts, words and a blender of sincere love,  God Bless!
Wow! Absolutely… i am not wondering….can never ever wonder.. since its flows through your pen…..because you are one of those gifted souls inwhose hands God has placed a viola to sooth the spirit with heavenly music and bring fellow souls close to life and the beauty of life.
Am sure i don’t need say it is so…since you are a torch to light us on our way to the divine in our dreams…
and as far as the kiddos are concerned…..the thing which the child loves remains in the domain of the heart until old age….
the most beautiful thing in life is that our soul remains hovering over the place where we once enjoyed ourselves.
much love beautiful soul…
keep blessing us…

One Response to “And a little child shall lead us..”

  1. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Thank you…….thank you………thank you…..our children bless us so.

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