The Grace of God Alone…



A soft arrow of love
has landed in my heart
and someone else
is breathing for me
Eyelashes brush
against my skin
and gentle hands
stroke my hair
and whisper my name..


Swept into an embrace
only God knows
a sheltering creative space
beyond all my desire
to share it and discover
a way to open
what seems to be
a divine portal to Spirit


It has been called a kingdom
a void….a placelessness
but no word can hold it
nor reveal its truth
save God alone..
We die to self
and surrender the pull
of opposites
and somehow pray
for faith
in the pure love
of a tenderness
a shimmering
whispering silence
I call
the Beloved…


The beauty is everywhere
to eyes that truly seek God alone
spinning silken threads
glistening in the light
like strands of angel hair
weightless and delicate
floating and drifting
on an unseen breeze..
transparent and glowing
ever flowing….


Mist of tears and dissolving fears
silken strings like seeds of light
billions in the line of vision
when God looks through our eyes
fragments of starlight..


Nothing left to do but trust
the Love that creates
beyond all reason
the Love that is
hidden in Life itself…


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