Thy enduring Love is our Joy

248b7acd7a17deb8e8acc9d90b5f3cc4.jpg yongsung kim


Oh sweet Lord, Beloved God,

we look with a deeper gratitude

at the precious gift of all life….

and drink in the beauty

and the unique expression

of each and every heart,

the wonder of this living earth

on which we live,

the elements that sustain us,

the art that lifts our spirits,

and love wells up for each and every moment

of the streaming blessings

of the infinite energy of creation.

May we cherish it all in our hearts

and live the joy of the moments

we are given in praise and thanksgiving.

May we form an enduring  covenant of love

with our God,

the Source of All Life….


Jesus close-up by Yongsung Kim

How truly precious is thy sweet Love…..

2 Responses to “Thy enduring Love is our Joy”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Yes dearest Naomi…. how truly precious is this sweet love….. to be felt once we have established… once we are in communion with…. this divine romance…. never ending… ever new…. countless the gifts when we are aware for the wonders around us….. in midst of beauty and even tragedy because it brings us all closer to you….. your poems are so deeply appreciated dear friend… uplifting joyful….. thank you. Ingrid.

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Dear Ingrid, God has made us friends….and I wrote these lines
    after watching your video of endearing love and gratitude…

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