Whispering with the Beloved


window of eternity

Whispering with the Beloved
sometimes feels
like the sound of wind in evergreens
a truly mystical communion
for no one
in the universe
can translate
the sacred breath of
divine intimacy
that contains the rushing sound
of Spirit
the Presence of Love
without the disguise of form
and matter
The awakening of the soul
sometimes feels
like the gentle spreading of light
at dawn
the rhythm of the heart
like pulsing wings of a dove
in the soft moist
living darkness
of the chest
The flow of divine breath
sometimes feels like the silkiness
of undulating strands
of the fine hair
of angels
catching the light
swirling like thermals of air
in the deepening blue
of an
infinite sky
 The communion of what seems to be
opposite sometimes feels
like the raindrops
and disappearing
into the sea
the way we vanish
into thee
like the joy of laughter
the light in
our eyes
closing what appears
to be distance
between who we are
and what we
we see
Who can explain
the miracle
Only God truly holds
our secrets
The song quivering in the sea
is felt
in the spray
of the waves of Love
draw us under
where there is life

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