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Light of eternal love

September 29, 2016


Something profound has shifted

in this world of time and boundaries

shattering the very stone

that sealed the tomb of death itself

the creative power of love

has rolled it away with a brilliant flash

of light that opens a portal

to a new way of being to truly live

the art of life itself


Loving the eternal mystery..

September 25, 2016


mystical garden

Gazing at the light beyond the humming
ground beneath the soles of feet…
heart empowered pulsing energy
exploring breath of soul
dancing spirit free to feel the sea of sky
and the purity of lightness there
when I am drawn so close to thee
feeling the curling spirit deep inside moving
like music finding its way to catch the air
to connect our joy with others reeling there
every day in every way anointing my awareness
with a divine touch…a caress of sweetness
the birth of a star of light
scattering and raining its secrets
turning night into day and day into night
feeling so new when loving you in playful way
love of my life…beloved companion….
God and Son and Spirit three…
Source of shimmering eyes to see
the flash that blinds me to the mystery
surrendering trust and loving thee…
invites me into you and lets me see
the miracle of you in me….


Opening to the portal of Great Light

September 23, 2016



Soft implosions of the energy of love
empowering the chain of life
fountain of light touching sky
and showering the earth
with the enchanting flow of moon
the golden rays of sun
tears of compassion and gratitude
for tenderness and open hearts
spiraling in joy and rising songs
empowered by glory of sacred spirit
presence of an infinite listening God
a fully human muse and guide
creative power of rushing winds
of transformation and renewing change
blessings multiplying and expanding
through the incredible grace and gifts
of the Source of All Life…the great mystery
invisibly and intimately loving us now and always….


Divine communion

September 20, 2016
Divine Communion
Opening to sacred silence
Falling into deep listening
Aligning with Love
Centering in my heart
Feeling lightness of soul
Flowing in spirit
Discerning and allowing
expression to settle on the page
Giving birth to seeds of light
Letting fruits of divine communion
settle softly in a love song
A very subtle sweetness
fills the room
surrounding and caressing
my senses
soothing my entire being
a symphony
of wholeness
in a deep inner chamber
where divine love
falls softly
like new snow on
a mountain top
or lacy snowflakes
touching ever so lightly
on early appleblossoms
melting warmly
anointing a spiritual thirst
for the pure wine
of love
Feel a rising tenderness
like mist in swirling colors
transparent and glowing
muted rainbows
caught in a spiraling
beauty of heaven inhaling
and sharing
the breath of God
aware of magnificence
that sustains and nurtures
my very life
Spirit appears moment to moment
in a visual dance of light
and disappearing
gliding and landing
where I least expect to see
such beauty
suddenly soaring
and changing form
in a breathlessly glowing
flooding every cell
with overwhelming love
and humility
melting in awe
feeling the wonder
of God as my
as my very life
my breath
and love beyond
all human
swept into a hovering
of fluttering excitement
a gift of grace and
deep joy

A crowning Presence

September 18, 2016



The robe of flowing colors sits gently

around my shoulders

stars settle in the softness of my hair

God breathes me into a divine mystery

creating a holy interlude

of spinning golden light

dissolving illusions we imagine

in the visions of dreaming

the Source and Creator

is breathing and drawing me

into a crowning presence

immersing me in a sea of divine anointing

tumbling waves of creative love rising and falling

rolling me into a lightness of being…

a sudden flood of sweet belonging

a magnificent embrace

of becoming free in thee

O Heart of my heart..

O Soul of my soul…O Spirit of my spirit

thy transforming grace  a swirling

beauty beyond belief…beyond words

an infusion of radiance

a translucent glow of beaming light


only pure love can see…

an aura of divinity which is yours alone

bathing me in the tides of infinity

to dwell in eternity with thee….








A morning blessing

September 14, 2016


wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth


A morning blessing…..

May we be vigilant
in how we live our lives,
in how we express our love for each other,
and how we grow in awareness
of the gift of this earth,
taking care to preserve and nurture
its life-giving qualities and beauty
as best we are able to share
in the ever changing stream of creation.

Love is the energy that empowers
our growth and support of family,
the larger community, and in our relationships.

May we experience the presence of the guiding
hand of the Creator, however it manifests
for each one of us and continues to flow
to develop an expanding sense of community,
an awareness of spirit and what it means
to share in the journey of becoming.

May we be comforted in our loss, our pain, and the
challenges of life. May we respond with grace.
May we rejoice in the growth and good fortune of others as
well as our own.

May peace be with us all within our hearts and souls and minds,

in body and spirit, now and always.


A glimpse of majesty..

September 9, 2016


When my eyes are opened and I gaze at an image

that I have seen before

suddenly I see it an entirely new way

because I see it in a new light.

I am changed and see quite differently

What I behold

becomes a new revelation

a vision I experience within me

my heart leaps and my soul kneels in peace

my spirit breaks free and settles around it like a cloud

to feel the wonder of the truth it holds.

This was one of those visions….


(Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro)

Living the Oneness…

September 8, 2016
I have slipped into a quiet stream of beauty
a rivering current of God creating life
a sweet divine communion
moving my spirit to taste and feel a freedom
that sings of new life forever refreshing itself
through a music born on the breath of love
gliding in the life-giving flow of streams of light
giving birth to spirit flowing out across the earth
silver chords of silk weaving beauty from the womb
among the stars of hidden destiny known only
to the Source of all birth and becoming
one glorious being…divinely kind…..grace-filled
one earth….one garden… life with infinite faces
drawn into the waves that rise and touch the sun
and fall in radiance raining color blessing all life
in a divine destiny of the dance of hearts and souls
and shimmering light of the spirit of love
one with God we discover the lightness of being
the gift of pure joy where we are born into a new world…

May thy will be done…

September 8, 2016


Seems an image that needs few words to feel the beauty of his prayer.

How glorious is thy Love!

September 6, 2016


13350504_1109892815745079_3200936662822899633_o.jpg  Jesus


We are blessed with beautiful souls who choose to be
guided by Love, who bring Light to this earth, live with
compassion and kindness, and pray for the wellbeing
of all humankind. Our life is shaped by our choices,
may we open our hearts to live by such love…to help
create a world of peace….