Come! The garden is open and free!


Rassouli-surreal-Gar.jpg garden of the sun


The light of love glimmers within us
a pulsing glow like a hungry spark
reaching for expression
through each and every one of us,
bursting free like the rays of the sun
streaming in every direction
sharing its golden warmth and energy.

It is easy to be afraid that love is outside of us
giving someone else the creative power,
falling into a feeling of exclusion
as if love has forgotten us.
The Friend within…stirs to answer,
breaking free for creative play!
We hear the laughter, and the dance begins!

Love whispers and asks, why didn’t you know me!
I may have thousands of faces and forms, but I am you!
I dwell within you and am with you always
alive and real and giving birth to wonder
walking with you…touching you in the rain
warming you in the sun…opening a path in the sky
to fly…to breathe…to set your spirit free!

I scatter stars in your hair and shine from your eyes,
cool the grass to tickle your feet, fill the meadows
with wildflowers and anoint you with joy in the garden
where you thrive and come alive in love’s embrace!
O dear one, feel the grace and light of your being!
Come out and play and create with me!
Let us celebrate the love that makes us one!

One Response to “Come! The garden is open and free!”

  1. Ingrid henzler Says:

    Bubbles oj joy dancing through veins of being … Drops of rainbowcolors …. In heart and soul… awakenimg to love’s secret …Naomi dearest… Let us play in the garden like children and eat happily the fruits …. Oh ….My mystic poet friend….

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