Eternally surrendering…

rassouli-girl-holding-light  songs of hafiz
Lost in the thickets of love
blessedly entangled
in a glory
I am helpless to define
my cool composure
has melted in the alchemy
of the brilliant fire of love
that consumes me.
A radiant light surrounds
the spirit of your presence
as the tip of the flame
writes the story of love
upon my heart
no longer on tablets
of stone.
Dwelling within
your heart and soul
my spirit is hidden
in the grace
of your kingdom
for it is only through the light
of your eyes I see.
When heaven and earth
shall pass away
I will forever dwell
in this garden
of all beginnings
When the gates have opened wide
and all the rest has vanished
I will never leave
this kingdom
for I have found
my eternal home
in the Soul of the Beloved
I can no longer hear
my clarion mind
sounding warnings
from the rooftop of this
mortal house
Love has silenced every voice
and every sound
except the song
of love’s enchanting music
for my life has become
a delicate flowing dance
as I surrender to the rhythm
and the exalting joy
of the illuminating beauty
and purity of love

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