Living the Oneness…

I have slipped into a quiet stream of beauty
a rivering current of God creating life
a sweet divine communion
moving my spirit to taste and feel a freedom
that sings of new life forever refreshing itself
through a music born on the breath of love
gliding in the life-giving flow of streams of light
giving birth to spirit flowing out across the earth
silver chords of silk weaving beauty from the womb
among the stars of hidden destiny known only
to the Source of all birth and becoming
one glorious being…divinely kind…..grace-filled
one earth….one garden… life with infinite faces
drawn into the waves that rise and touch the sun
and fall in radiance raining color blessing all life
in a divine destiny of the dance of hearts and souls
and shimmering light of the spirit of love
one with God we discover the lightness of being
the gift of pure joy where we are born into a new world…

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