A crowning Presence



The robe of flowing colors sits gently

around my shoulders

stars settle in the softness of my hair

God breathes me into a divine mystery

creating a holy interlude

of spinning golden light

dissolving illusions we imagine

in the visions of dreaming

the Source and Creator

is breathing and drawing me

into a crowning presence

immersing me in a sea of divine anointing

tumbling waves of creative love rising and falling

rolling me into a lightness of being…

a sudden flood of sweet belonging

a magnificent embrace

of becoming free in thee

O Heart of my heart..

O Soul of my soul…O Spirit of my spirit

thy transforming grace  a swirling

beauty beyond belief…beyond words

an infusion of radiance

a translucent glow of beaming light


only pure love can see…

an aura of divinity which is yours alone

bathing me in the tides of infinity

to dwell in eternity with thee….








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