Divine communion

Divine Communion
Opening to sacred silence
Falling into deep listening
Aligning with Love
Centering in my heart
Feeling lightness of soul
Flowing in spirit
Discerning and allowing
expression to settle on the page
Giving birth to seeds of light
Letting fruits of divine communion
settle softly in a love song
A very subtle sweetness
fills the room
surrounding and caressing
my senses
soothing my entire being
a symphony
of wholeness
in a deep inner chamber
where divine love
falls softly
like new snow on
a mountain top
or lacy snowflakes
touching ever so lightly
on early appleblossoms
melting warmly
anointing a spiritual thirst
for the pure wine
of love
Feel a rising tenderness
like mist in swirling colors
transparent and glowing
muted rainbows
caught in a spiraling
beauty of heaven inhaling
and sharing
the breath of God
aware of magnificence
that sustains and nurtures
my very life
Spirit appears moment to moment
in a visual dance of light
and disappearing
gliding and landing
where I least expect to see
such beauty
suddenly soaring
and changing form
in a breathlessly glowing
flooding every cell
with overwhelming love
and humility
melting in awe
feeling the wonder
of God as my
as my very life
my breath
and love beyond
all human
swept into a hovering
of fluttering excitement
a gift of grace and
deep joy

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