Loving the eternal mystery..


mystical garden

Gazing at the light beyond the humming
ground beneath the soles of feet…
heart empowered pulsing energy
exploring breath of soul
dancing spirit free to feel the sea of sky
and the purity of lightness there
when I am drawn so close to thee
feeling the curling spirit deep inside moving
like music finding its way to catch the air
to connect our joy with others reeling there
every day in every way anointing my awareness
with a divine touch…a caress of sweetness
the birth of a star of light
scattering and raining its secrets
turning night into day and day into night
feeling so new when loving you in playful way
love of my life…beloved companion….
God and Son and Spirit three…
Source of shimmering eyes to see
the flash that blinds me to the mystery
surrendering trust and loving thee…
invites me into you and lets me see
the miracle of you in me….


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