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Joy is a gift to us all!

October 28, 2016



October 25, 2016



In that streaming suspension 
of the darkness of night
and moments before morning light 
rises over the horizon
there is a lingering fragrance 
pemeating the air
from the garden where.. 
love is preparing hearts 
to open to the warmth
of first rays of the sun..
the sky changes its cast from night
to a deeper blue
as the light peeks through..
a royal shawl is slipped around
 the shoulders
shielding the psyche
in loving concern…
the stars quivering with delight
begin to fade from sight..
suddenly the glow is alive
with a soft and gentle light.



Painting by Rassouli

The Light Within

October 23, 2016


Every atom is changed
by your love..
every cell is transformed
when you are
the nucleus of my life..

even the cloistered cell
a winehouse of love
and liberation..

the hermit’s cave
becomes a cathedral
of conception
and soaring spirit..

poems come alive
and find a fertile place
to give birth
to the grace of freedom
beyond our words..

beauty explodes into
a way of seeing..


O Beloved! You are my Everything..

October 17, 2016
O Beloved! You are the flowering of All Beauty
the depth of every sea and the crest of every wave..
You are the Light of the sun and moon and every star..
the Breath of every breath..
the Heart of every heart..the Soul of every soul
You are the secret whispering in the dancing wind..
You are the divine embrace that sweeps me into the
magnificent flowing Spirit that lives eternally..
the life-giving essence that sweetens the air
with the fragrance of every flower…
the scent of life..the glow of every lover…
the innocence of every child..
the purity of deep surrendering…
You are the peace of every being..
You are the dream..the hope..the truth..the vision
of imagination..the manifestation of life itself..
You are the integrity and warmth of Friendship…
the tears of tenderness…the dance of creation…
You are the sacrament of every moment…
the Presence that moves my days..and nights..
the glory of every morning..
the mystery creating all possibility..
You are the God of every religion..
the expression of faith that sustains me..
the bewildering sweetness of every kiss..
the arms open to every embrace..the pulsing rhythm
empowering the growth of the universe..
the deep uncreated space beyond time..
You are the creative power of all existence..
the majesty of every mountain..the music of every song…
you are the graceful lift of every wing..
the wonder that incites all growth..
the uniqueness of every face..of every shape and form..
the pure silence and rising birth of all renewal..
the belovedness of every longing..
If I were to write all that you are..I would
write to the end of time and begin again
in every beginning…
You are the highest..deepest…and most
glorious Love I will ever experience..
You are the most exalting feeling..
the lightning and laughter
and the highest Joy..
O Beloved..I was born to sing to You..
to love share the gift of You..
You are the Love of every life..
O my Beloved..
You are my Everything….

Light of the Holy Spirit

October 10, 2016


The pearl is hidden
in its lustrous becoming…
the seed of divine light becoming
a new life
is hidden and sheltered
 in the womb..
The heart pulsing with the breath
of God is
nestled in the warmth
of the human chest..
The soul is embraced in
surrendering love..
.and the spirit moves beyond
 boundaries to move freely..
like the wind cloaked
in invisibility and mystery
moving in breathtaking silence
in a deep communion
with love
sharing the
divine essence
 through the generosity and grace
of the source of all life
a gift beyond belief
soaring on
invisible wings of flight ..
sheltered in divine transparency…

Lighting the Way…

October 7, 2016
Light workers….Way showers…Messengers of Light…..Joy bringers….
Gathering of the awakened ones…..those dear ones who walk with us…
“Enter through the door!
Light up our chamber,
and perfume the air
with the gathering of souls.”
Awaken to the light of the kingdom within you…….
“Kiss the lips of the chalice,
and then offer it to us.
Let our gathering be made
more joyful by this sweet move.”

Vanishing in Awe into the Spirit of Love

October 7, 2016


Vanishing in Awe into the Spirit of Love


Something deeper than my words can reach

lives within the silence shared

with the living Presence

of the One

I call Beloved…

breathing my breath

moving my heart

filling every cell with Joy

streaming Love

that changes everything..

the very Light

that illuminates the earth

spilling and overflowing

beholding with vision

not confined to human eyes

rising through

a soulful gaze of spirit

that perceives

and feels in the fullness

of awareness

all that I am or ever could be


Some invisibility exists

that we cannot explain

an energy…an essence

the origin of life

the Source of being

which is everywhere…in everyone

in everything that lives

sustaining and creating

and improvising

opening and expanding new ways of being

that are pure and true

May we never stifle or suppress

the Spirit

making itself known

to each one

of us

in infinite ways


Enraptured in the Beloved

October 6, 2016
we all fall 
into loveliness
 through the gaze of the Beloved….
the Light of His Love burns away the veil… 
transforms the earth
and melts our longings…
lifts us into the great embrace….
where we reflect the Grace
and Beauty 
of the flames of love’s fire
dancing on water..
in the lovelight in our eyes…
casting a glow on all life…
that only God can ignite…
divine vision flowing with color
for His Presence captivates…
and makes us new…
innocent and true…
purely belonging in the divine arms
that encircle the earth….
and all life ….
lifting and spiraling
all that we are
into His All encompassing Spirit
from which we come…


Mystery of all Beginning…

October 5, 2016



Something deeper than my words can reach
lives within the silence shared with the living
Presence of the One I call Beloved, breathing
my breath, moving my heart, filling every cell with Joy,
streaming Love that changes everything,..
the very Light that illuminates the earth
spilling and overflowing….beholding with vision
not confined to human eyes.. rising through
a soulful gaze of spirit that perceives and feels
in full awareness all that I am or ever could be…
Some invisibility exists that we cannot explain…an
energy…an essence…the origin of life…the Source
of being…which is everywhere…in everyone…in
everything that lives sustaining and creating
and improvising….opening and expanding
new ways of being…that are pure and true….

May we never stifle or suppress the Spirit making itself
known to each one of us in infinite ways…


Painting by Rassouli..


We walk in Faith…

October 5, 2016




We walk in faith, in hope, and in love through the grace of God.

Faith itself is a gift and is the opening to covenant relationship.

Through faith, we receive the gift of the greatest Friendship, the Presence of Spirit, and the most profound Love we will ever know in this life.

A deep and abiding Joy opens within us and a peace that sustains us comes through the difficult and challenging times.

We walk together in prayer and faith through our love for one another.

May it always be so.


(Painting by Rassouli)