Mystery of all Beginning…



Something deeper than my words can reach
lives within the silence shared with the living
Presence of the One I call Beloved, breathing
my breath, moving my heart, filling every cell with Joy,
streaming Love that changes everything,..
the very Light that illuminates the earth
spilling and overflowing….beholding with vision
not confined to human eyes.. rising through
a soulful gaze of spirit that perceives and feels
in full awareness all that I am or ever could be…
Some invisibility exists that we cannot explain…an
energy…an essence…the origin of life…the Source
of being…which is everywhere…in everyone…in
everything that lives sustaining and creating
and improvising….opening and expanding
new ways of being…that are pure and true….

May we never stifle or suppress the Spirit making itself
known to each one of us in infinite ways…


Painting by Rassouli..


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