The sweet essence of love…

The nightingale lives its reason for being
in the song pouring out and flowing through
an open heart..such a tiny heart for such
a magnificent song of love…
warbling its unending songs into a vast eternal sky…
Discovering the beloved
in the silence of the song
within my soul
in the morning light,
flowing as a river of sweet wine
within my heart.Is there anything
more nourishing
than the love of our God
in the soothing sanctuary
of our being?

Could there be any garden
more fruitful
than the one
where we dwell with
the Light of all light?


dwelling in love as a way of being and living…

The mystics are spreading
the fragrance of God among the stars
and hiding the precious perfume
in the dust on the path to the door
of our hearts.

May you be touched and blessed,
surrounded by the glorious essence
of His Presence,
and may the beauty that adorns your face
fall from Love’s kindness,
generosity and grace.

spirit of ascending and spiraling love

 The mysterious essence is
beyond the pen or the quill…
or the span of wings
or the songs we sing…
but the music flows from love
and the heart knows the wonder
of surrendering….
to a beauty that permeates the air
lifting us where
we feel how real and rare
love is everywhere
waiting for the open heart….
and we feel that whispering wind
rushing in and changing everything…





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