Longing the day into being..

Out of the night
and into the first soft rays
of light
words burst from the bud
of the heart
longing to caress the sky
with feelings of love
still unspoken.

Some rise from a heart
that is broken…
sprouting wings

to begin

to sing the songs
that soar in sacred silence
in the sweetness
of sighs
that are cradled gently
and released
from the breath of God


veils the night..
The shivering coolness
of the moon
vanishes from sight
as the warmth of the sun
drapes its golden light
linking the treetops reaching
for warmer skies.

Morning can be a cathedral
for the eyes
rising in music


the soul
in graceful sighs..
We are blessed to behold
the unfolding play
of life

the dancing

one more day

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