Sharing this deep longing…


The gentle touch of Spirit awakens me so often in the night….
am feeling profound gratitude for beauty,
for the light of love
and a deep thankfulness for kindness,
for truthfulness, for purity of intention, for compassion,
for joy, for peace, for creativity, for hope, for integrity, for humility,
for patience, for the flow of presence and for help to those in need,
for healing, for mercy, for humor,
so many qualities in people
that make this a better world…..and make us more fully human.
 Now is the time to align with these graces
 and affirm the divine reflections across this earth, 
that which makes us fully human that exists and moves within us…. 
and to truly try our best to live them.
The times when we need these qualities the most.. 
challenge us to be the best we can be, 
to let love guide us to a wholeness of being
 and the fullness of life to live in community in covenant relationship..
to hold them sacred… with the Source of All Creation….
from which all goodness comes…
and may it awaken it in all of us and help us to thrive in our highest energy.

Living a deep longing for this for all life…for all people…for all nations…


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