Touched by the Purity of First Light

Touched by the Purity of First Light
First comes pure silence
as the purity of a breaking dawn
brings the grace
of a flow of energy that is thrillingly new
cleansed by the light of innocence
clearing the way
for the radiance of vision
of the spiritual heart
anointed by the aura of the soul
arising from spirit
it comes to us
like the breath of Christ as pure light
or the gaze of a newborn child
a holy gaze
like a ray of sunlight warming
a moment of being
We feel seen and touched
as it draws and attracts us
into existence
and the creative potential
of the art
of life itself
to be born into an awareness
that awakens the possibilities for which
love itself is creating us
sharing the ever conscious spirit
that longs to share
its very nature with us
an eternal exchange of always and ever
new experience
that brings the soothing breeze
of dawn
to the dance of light
and love
a covenant rainbow
of color that curves around
us like arms
and encircles us like
 spiraling into spirit to create
love as the guiding force
in the universe
transmitted by light
to give us glimpses of eternal moments
and yet dwelling in unseen
waves and currents of movement
that can be felt by spirit
containing the sweetness of the heart
and the purity of the soul
moving beyond the gift of our outer eyes
but felt with the grace
of an inner
sensing and purity of tactile experience
that flares like a flame
and comes into being like
a spiritual fire
oblivious to restrictions
it moves through the purity of freedom
pure intention
communion of pure spirit
This is its own protection unknown
to those who have not
surrendered yet
to this pure state
best left undescribed
No word can contain this essence
no environment can contain it
no manifestation
can contain it
only reflect its flow
and the purity
of light and love
that creates it
Surrender to this and it guides
our every moment
and breath
of pure presence

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