the living essence of love…



I know the sheltering of resting deeply
in the petals of roses
the caressing tenderness..
as soft and alive as skin…
the whispering embrace that emanates
fragrance and beauty drawing
the nightingale’s song
of longing to nestle there…
in a delicate fusion of feathering
and flowering love…

I know the swirling thermals of wind..
the currents that invite us
to spread our wings and glide
with a moment of spiraling play to slide
on air that isn’t there to see..
yet…sings to thee.. to let love cradle
and carry the soul becoming whole
in the sweet breath of God…

I know the kiss in the night brushing
my heart with a pulsing essence
creating a rhythm that aligns
with a divine rushing stream flowing
like a dream
igniting a wakeful awareness
of love anointing my life with a sweet
lightness of being…

Spirit arising in timeless beauty like
the foaming crest of a wave
reaching high enough
to touch the moon or to follow the mystical
pull of the tides…. like the muse
of silent music that guides
my wandering flow to know and feel
the fusion of love as my eternal home..



2 Responses to “the living essence of love…”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    oh love divine…. ever new in countless ways… the grace… the flow of joy…. even in so called pain…. the joy hidden inside yet sometimes it wants to explode…. but too sacred to let it dissolve….. oh friend Naomi…. the song of your heart the lyrics of your soul let my soul take flight in higher dimensions….. thank you woman of God

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    thank you……thank you……..How beautiful to share it with you….for it is the beloved that always and forever is drawing us into that eternal beauty………

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