Vanishing into the Light of Love




Feel the music overflowing and
slipping through the moon
softened in the glowing
night giving rise
to moonflowers sprouting
from unseen fingertips
luminous light flowing through
vast and open palms of sky
nurturing and spinning beauty
scattering stars falling
falling from laughter
twirling spheres leaving trails
of whirling sparks leaping
from infinite love
expressing the intimate heart
from which they come..

Synergy fills the spaces
creating visions of
fountains rising and vanishing
as they fall caressing silently
those who are awake and watching
and those who sleep and dream..

Weaving a glowing quilt
of light to cover and shelter
the luminous spirit
in silvery strands of the
beloved’s hair
and as tender as the whispers
of the soul moving between
the divine and dancing spirits
seeking to discover its source..

New galaxies appeared
and constellations formed
in the night sky
visions rising
from the unseen touch
of spirit
suddenly free
to create and express
a love unrestrained by time
or space..

Without a sound
love vanished
dissolving into the eyes
of the skies
and into the infinite heart
and sanctuary
of the soul of the Beloved..



When a great soul appears….those surrendered to love gather in the light….


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