Whispering revelations…

The fluttering whispers of the intimates
 of the winehouse 
continue to sing their songs 
in the ears of those who love them
….and those who 
listen to the flowing secrets….
the Source of All Life
……the Source of All Creation…..the Source of All Truth……
the Source of Pure Love…
which is the spring that rushes forth 
and anoints us…. 
pouring living water
 over our hearts and souls 
and the higher mind that is purified….. 
through the spirit of love and the light of revelation…..
flowing through us as rivers of light
that come from the 
deep within our being
which in the vision of pure love
reveals that
We are being thrust into a new world
responsible to the deeper vision
being revealed to us
We are each a part of the pattern written on the sky
of imagination…invisibility…..
of the artistry of visualization and music
of the tracings of shimmering spirit 
guiding us 
toward whatever we are given to create and reveal….
 what is given to us…to express…

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