A Deep Cry for Love for all Life

A Deep Cry for Love  for All Life
Flashing, pulsing signals of the higher brain
the living energy within the earth
 the incredible language of light
the rhythms of the heart,
the sensory stimulation of scent,
sound, taste, sight, touch, speech,
 the diversity of language,
and how we visualize
and imagine is constantly
sending signals and messages
 to who we are.
Love guides us in how to process
and respond
to this flood of information
uniquely and creatively if we trust
the Source of Life,
that force and power which has designed
and manifested the universe
in which we live and move
and have our being
as we experience life itself.
True compassion for the differences
in how we do that is so crucial in discovering
ways for us to live together
across the vast expanse of this existence.
Fascinating, complex, colorful, and alive, we
are often overwhelmed and turn away
 or we seek the quiet places
where we can find peace and calm
to process the rush of information
and overwhelming stimulation
that we experience day after day
moment by moment in thousands
of different ways..
The unseen gifts of Spirit of peace, joy,
love, light, faith, hope, patience, endurance, qwest,
curiosity, passion to explore come to us
through grace if we surrender to the Source
of All Life and let
the Muse of Divine Design
guide us through the unique path that
will utilize who we are
and what gifts we have to survive,
to express, to find meaning in this life.
I long for solutions and pray for the generosity
and kindness that we might listen
and learn new ways to help each other
to do this tenderly, with human warmth
and call on divine insight
to guide us in being the community
we were meant to be.
We are truly blessed to appear in this
creative experience
in the midst
of this great mystery
we call Life.
May we each be full of care
with this amazing chance
to be a part of
the incredible beauty
of this dance
this divine romance
this unfolding story we are living
this very moment.

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