Surrendering to God…

This achingly beautiful transparency of surrendering yielding
through faith and love to the light of Life….
Song of Spirit
There is a centering revelation
that continues to reveal
itself to my heart and soul
in the flight of a higher mind that finds
its wings and freedom
from captivity
and a Spirit that expands
invisibly into the flow of the Spirit
from which we come
where we discover on endless levels
the ways in which we are
truly One..
There are infinite paths
that guide us to rise in the awareness
of the great love that
shaped us and shared a being
and existence
beyond our imagination
forever dissolving our notions
of knowing..
Surrendering into the purity
of transparency..
of light that catches the movement
of the current of love that creates and manifests
 the evolution of life itself..
we fall into the vision
of the centering revelation
that gives form and life to the fertile
darkness that conceals
the secrets of a God that can
replicate the Presence
and Essence
all that is possible
through Love
that is powerfully
attracted to
express its beauty in
infinite ways..
Vanish into the embracing arms
of a majestic brilliance of invisibility
a gentling breeze
of whispering breath
an intimacy
that gives and shares life
through anointing
There would be no life unless
the sacred tenderness
of a creator
yielded the secret in the spinning seed
of the light of God..
A complexity and diversity
 we cannot imagine
is creating an unfolding existence
in which we are invited
to share
out of the purest love
we shall ever experience..
Image by Rassouli

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