Divine secrets of Eternal Love….

an opening portal..
Ahhhhhhh…we were destined to be born into the DIVINE FAMILY……..the GREAT MYSTERY…
I let my birthday vanish into the birth of Jesus, my life into the eternally divine milieu of God, and my moment to moment life
in its unfolding in a dancing, flowing, life-giving Spirit that creates itself in the Present moment….guided by all that is natural
in the sweet Love that crowns this existence….the challenging and stumbling I do as a vulnerable human being allows me to engage in the sacred listening I do to those who need to pour out their confusion or share their wounds or celebrate their joys…whoever the divine Muse chooses to send to me…to bask in the moon that suddenly appears at my window and smiles at me….to delight in the stars….as the millions of lights decorating the sky….to listen to the birds rustling in the evergreens to keep warm….to hold close all those I love…to pray for the earth and all life within it……….to let the breath of Christ tend to my breathing……..
I commune with the whispering spirits and listen to their secrets…letting them flow wherever they are guided to go…
I lead a completely surrendered life…which is where my well being finds its freedom.
Our Master CREATOR is a soft wondrous breeze through every one of us if we stay awake and aware of the infinite caress and deep beauty of such Generosity and Sharing of the Divine Nature…..I have infinite trust and faith in the Love of that Divine Heart…the wisdom of that Divine Mind….the Gift of that Divine Touch…..the Peace of that Divine Soul…….the Perspective of that Single Eye on our Becoming……the Divine Taste of Goodness……the Divine Fragrance of Purity……..
The Great Presence carries the complexity…..and I live the Simplicity……..
If I were to choose the secret that guides my way………it would be my profound and deep love for God as a Beloved….which is guided only by the FLAWLESS LOVE through which we were created….My Gaze is ever upon the WONDER of this BEING I call Beloved………the FAITH that guides my surrendering….and the HOPE for that Divine Mercy to keep us on the continuum of this rivering flow of being so incredibly blessed by the Divine Diversity of our UNIQUENESS in this unbelievable DIVINE FREEDOM we are granted to be a part of experiencing such a LIFE….from the Divine One from which we come.

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