The light of your own radiant being…

Angels…….messengers….beings of Light…
rising image of the Soul within
delicate wings of vision
transparency of Spirit
revelations of the heart..
so many ways we could describe
what gives us a glimpse of how each
one of us sees heaven…
Allow the Light of you own being
to speak to you from your own highest truth….
for it is forever unfolding within you 
welcoming your precious being 
to express itself to you…..
in your own creative expression…….
in infinite ways…….
The light of love is truly a mystery
that touches your awareness
breaking open your beauty
like a morning star
calling you home…
it is the light of revelation 
in the kingdom of you..

One Response to “The light of your own radiant being…”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Thank you Naomi….wonderfully expressed…. and yes each one perceives the truth in a different way…. but once we are drinking from the heavenly source of pure love we know it… feel it…. become the love…. endless the flow of grace…. and beyond words the gratitude…

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