Ever opening portal…

O divining light spilling and overflowing
anointing the night
creating sweeping wings and worlds
unfurling and flinging spheres
spinning…hurtling through
untouched space
giving birth to brilliant stars
aware of drifting and tumbling in slow motion flight
beyond gravity and human boundaries
forming cosmic seas far from telescoping eyes
and far from launching pads and errant rocket sites
designing a timeless expanse
through a secret dance
divine dimensions out of range of human hearing
creating a castling kingdom so endearing
only silence reigns and peace is a gift of being
pure love opens a deeper way of seeing
surrendering to a way of freeing
us in a kindly glow…an aura
of brightness
far beyond our night of tears
love dims all other sight
and casts us into a clarity of being seen
through a divine gaze of purity
where everything is new and true
and we melt and vanish into the sweetest
Spirit of the infinite Source from which we come…
cradled in a deeper knowing of who we truly are…