A Divine Alchemy

holy presence
flame of spirit flaring
in a sacred moment…
inspiring a creative flow
and the writing comes
as an afterglow
a hushed silence
a curling awareness
gently swirling in the whiteness
of a vast spacelessness
that is
beyond description
yet something reaches for it
to touch the passing
an eternal flow
the brush of gentleness
moving on a most delicate
lifegiving breath
the blessing of caressing holiness
a rushing spring of purity
tingling and singing energy that awakens
and guides the spirit
into a clearing
 of blossoming meadows
an elusive fragrance of emanating
rising essence of love
a tear clinging to an eyelash
that catches the light
everything else vanishes..
disappears in tears
and soft laughter
a radiance
from a deep abiding joy