birthing a holy moment

A holy moment touching the essence of intimacy…
Is there anything in a word
that can be mined by the heart
to guide my lips to dare to speak
or write of God…
as I feel and experience
and live such an effusive mystery..
to presume to free the flow of pure love
or a deep kindness looking
for a gentle expression
in the sweet space where I live
and move have my being..
or does the treasure dwell
beyond form and create
a living Word around this stirring
swirling awareness of beauty..
When I feel the sweet rising
of a song of feeling
searching for the grace to soar
on a benevolent breeze
or the warm breath of a sigh
I can only trust the beloved
to set it free
to carry it to thee..
a soft smiling presence
who cares enough
to listen to the sacred spreading
of the wings of my longing
to share in the glorious expanding
of a garden that welcomes
the sharing of a loving flow
from inside this glow
that awakens me…
written during a softly falling snow in the glow of dawn…..