a deep sigh of the soul

the unveiling of a deep spiraling sigh of the soul…
The precious mystery is an ever expanding
awareness….a wind
a breath………a spirit
forever creating…
sweeping the sky and beyond….
gathering the secret
in every seed and sperm
in every seeing star
in stillness
in the transparency of light
in a luminous glow
without a name or form
a flow of movement which cannot be seen
or detected or captured…
the mystery of infinite beauty
that gives itself
as a voluminous invisibility
forever surrendering everything
that ever was or is…splitting the secret
of existence into particles
that dissolve and melt like music
once it finds the air
that silently consents to contain its flight
the mystery gathers
the disappearing mist of tears
and the essence of laughter
the sweetness of a smile
the silence of the sea
the secret of sight
the eternal light
leaving a wispy hint of a
 subtle fragrance of every glory
hidden in
 beauty that dazzles
the mind
and frees the spirit
a feathering freedom that hides in the
gentle wake of a falling feather
in the wake
of a lover’s breath
or in the wake of only the purity of thought
not the thought itself
the tremulous quivering flow
of an elusive spiraling
rising joy
when spirit touches
and all that is
is known as