The Depth of Simplicity

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The Depth of Simplicity


The golden alchemy of divine intention

touches the spaces beyond the sky

where creation begins

where pure love manifests

in the secrets

of imagination and visioning

empowered by the grace

of all giving

made possible by the Spirit

of All Beginning


Surrender into the will of a creator

of beauty and truth

that desires relationship

with each

and every life

trusting that love seeks

our well being

and transforms us

to flow

in the gentle freedom

of the winds

and throbbing force

that moves

the sea

lifts the water

into waves

and incites the heart

to move our lifeblood as the rivers

are empowered

to flow to their source


Feel the warm breath that sighs

arising from life itself

like a spring opening

the earth


falling like a gentle rain

of loving tears

anointing the orbs

in which

we live and have

our being


There is a beauty beyond

this existence

casting a veil of



the membranes of vision

only pure love

can see


Only faith can give us sight

to see the light

from a mystical night

that changes us

an elusive mystery


silently and eternally

within what is

most natural

and true

within the spirit

of being

touching us

to feel the music

of God