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Behold each child as a child of God…

April 17, 2017

fd9f4e929bc37869de86f769da5e1bea.jpg Mary


Hold the child close to one’s heart

with tenderness

and a totally pure and unselfish love,

value the integrity

of each child’s life,

nurture and empower

each child’s freedom

to follow how God is calling

and guiding

the heart and soul and spirit

through the flow of responding

to each life experience..

feel and share

how precious a gift

each child is to all life…

embrace with great joy

the being of each child

as a child of God….



the deep beauty of silence

April 12, 2017
12042979_869517319798579_674144616165908906_n.jpg wave
The silence curls around me
like the listening
of an awakened
caring heart
like a dear soul friend
gentle arms
 to hold me so tenderly
 in the darkness
of this mystical night
beneath the moon
arousing feelings
of gratitude
for this deep beauty
we share
words appear momentarily
to whisper
assurance of the love that
invites the melting
flow of the pure
in my heart
like the pull
of the moon on the tides
of the sea
the rising waves
that reach for thee
to touch the mystery
of this sweet

an unknown corner of the house of love

April 7, 2017
03-08-Europa Gazing in Awe Gaze of Love
The deep journey into the mystery
of the greatest love
I have ever known
nestles into the heart
sings in the soul
wraps me in a sweet
smiling peace
as the music
of being
rises into the skies
of the eyes
of the beloved
sharing an intimate gaze
of adoration
a rivering current
of communion
a silent vanishing
giving life
and subsistence
to this
precious unseen
of God
as a Beloved
image by Rassouli
“gaze of love”

The essence of pure love..

April 6, 2017
Angel of Love
The essence of Spirit
and pure love lingers as
the fragrance of God
a veil of beauty and breath
for the very air is sweetened
by the loving sighs of God
lifting us into the flight
and height
of eternal rising….
An angelic transparency of Love
forms from the delicacy
of Spirit
that we might behold
the lightness
and caressing tenderness
of our ethereal being….


Image is by Rassouli…

“Angel of Love”

the Unseen beauty of God

April 3, 2017
When we truly arrive in that vast space
of who we are in a purity of being
as we are created to be
we are the living beauty of an expanding sanctuary
we are life aware of itself
we are the flow of a shifting
of spirit
the bliss of an unseen kiss
felt in the
 rising mist of existence
dissolving in the pure eternal joy
of this eternal moment
a thrillingly transforming
ever changing

delicacy of flow of spirit

April 1, 2017

Rainbow Falls

delicacy of flow

i write as i live
in an energizing
of light and breath
for love
has its own
we feel the rhythm
of the heart
for we are all
in the music
of a larger heart
a stream of energy
simply flows where it goes
and the same light
dances on the prairie
as on the ripples
and waves of the sea
in which we are all embraced
the same source dances us
into the day
the same pulse of life
beats in all awakening hearts
and the same breath
breathes us into being
the music of the heart
rises from the sweep and touch
of divine fingers
and the light that circles there
is as rich and golden
as the pure light pouring
through the sun
when the heart begins to sing
the song emerges
springing from joy
whether in the darkness of night
or the glow of morning
for it opens
from within that greater heart
and music flows
from a glorious mystery
no one
can truly name
music is always new
like the breath
no matter how it sounds
to another
for love is encoded
with a beauty only the heart
can recognize
and only unseen eyes
can behold
words dance out of the darkness
like our lives dance
and swirl in the curls
of beauty
that have entrapped mystics
through the ages
and time stands still
and falls away as a measure
that has no meaning
to the heart
there is no such thing
as separation
to the pulsing heart
of one abiding in the mystery
that listens
to all longing hearts
of countless beings
who have sweetly surrendered
their boundaries
to love
right here on earth
i am not a poet
in the sense of category
but the poetry of the heart
has taken command
over the gardens that grow
from my fingers
each one brushing
and freely stroking the keys
or caressing the pen
with love
everything falls from a source
beyond my ability
to describe or control
it tumbles like a waterfall
into the fall line
of a timeless stream
this life
moment by moment
all the histories of all
of the faces and names
ultimately melt
in the dancing flames
of the beloved
and only the one
who sustains
my heart remains
this sweet existence
is the perfect
for this invisible flame
as the shimmering wings
of poetic vision
are carried by the light
of life itself


delicacy of flow of the spirit of belovedness

as it increases in beauty

the more humbling it is

the more aware we become of how little we are

in the presence of pure love

the One who graces us with the gifts

of light and mercy

of living water

of glory

always creating

and spreading beauty

beneath our feet

and before our eyes

through our hands

flowing through our heart

and soul

and spirit

our higher mind

our breath and life itself


we surrender it all to mystery

and the Source of the eternal spring

the beloved’s nature

is to give and give

out of the pure Joy of giving..