The music of the beloved..

18527084_10209296912359734_7165159126231052991_o.jpg waterfall in Tasmania


All over the world there is phenomenal beauty

with a music of its own,

places of beauty where the beloved

has walked

to share the very nature of spirit

spilling over into form,

a sacred place shaded by palms

that become psalms before our eyes..

and in our hearts

feeling the flow of the soul..

makes me want to kneel in gratitude..


And how does paradise appear

through a single tear

of pure love

when we feel the beloved is near​..

drawing our eyes to the skies

of magnificence

a moment of sacramental presence…


a glory of communion

spilling from

the beloved’s flowing songs..

the soul spreads its light

like the rays of the sun

and fills the sanctuary of the moment

in the purity of loving praise

raising and surrendering


to the beloved…

and through intimate grace

becomes a

dwelling place..