Morning song of creation..

1487683_750032868373439_355061339003347284_o little bird in flight


A Morning Song of Creation


I hear a soft rustling of wings

and the sweet melodic

song of a bird nestling close

to my window where I write

seeming to settle near

the flowing alpha waves

of my heart

as I listen to my soul..

my own nest of pillows

surrounding me..

my pen in hand…

as I begin to sing my own

deeply human arias of love

as dawn touches the earth with light..


Somehow this tiny feathered beauty

and I share a destiny

which warms and comforts me.


We are never alone when receiving

the grace of communion.

A community asserts itself into

our lives that we never expected..

surprising our longing hearts.


This little one uses her wings

building a nest of fallen twigs

feathers and colored things

warming a space given to her

through grace alone

to nurture life and give all she is to allow

new life to flow through her

to the rhythm

of her throbbing heart.

She shares her inner warmth with the

seeds of light inside her.


I feel the stirring of love

that finds its strength from

the seeds of light within myself.

They flourish and flower into the beginnings

of a new creation this earth

has never known.


Every soul carries a whispering music

within them from the Beloved

somehow inspiring and moving us to nurture

this new life with a stream of never ending love.


We are lifted into flight by a Spirit

that contains us All.

All we can do is surrender

and be true to the glory of telling the story

of creation and a new world that

perpetuates and creates

the precious reason

we were born into these renewing

seasons of love

empowered by an infinite divinity

sharing life-giving

breath and living presence

all from the Source of the One who sings

within each life.


We hear the sweet refrains

of a new creation

swelling into a chorus of songs

becoming a sacred hymn

celebrating the gift of being

as we unfurl and discover each other

intimately alive within us

in never ending ways.



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