A Song of Freedom

1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light
A Song of Freedom..
Come live in me
and be with me in the garden
of truth
and the peace
of the soul..
Let me be with you
wherever you go
whatever you do and whoever
you are with..
There is a moment when Love
springs into life
and explodes into a star
that begins to guide
your deeper heart
to follow a light beyond anything
you can explain..
The radiance beckons
and illuminates
the path
that will always lead
you home
into the warmth
and timeless sanctuary
of a sacred state of being..
This is the illuminating glory
of a sacred shelter
within each of us..
a feeling of being in the arms
of the glorious Oneness
I call the Beloved..
It flowers into an
inner kingdom that rises beyond
all the boundaries and limits
that an outer world
tries to impose
on us to try and control
and manage our
our beliefs..
Faith in love
is not a surrendering
anyone can give you
or frighten you
into choosing as a way
of life..
for there is a glowing alchemy..
a rising energy already
within us
waiting for us to remember
who we are..
It comes as a grace
and a light
to guide
the flowing journey
of each life
on this
sacred earth..
Only the beautifully pure Love
of the Spirit of God can
truly awaken
our heart and soul to
pass through
the gate
of the secret
of living such a relationship
here on earth..
Listen for that song
that is the music of your
very own soul
calling you
A portal is opening…

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