unnamed (9).jpg mountain stream Dan
the quest for impossible beauty
is a deep seeking for God
a yearning to open
the mysterious revelations
that leap from the womb of creation itself
the nameless wonder that launches
the imagination and receptivity
to that soaring truth that calls and attracts
the heart toward an unproven existence
within the soul
a call for faith that awakens
the longing for a pilgrimage to answer
that whispering
presence that hovers in a numinous
place within our own sacredness
crowned with the luminous
glow of a quivering energy
of spirit swirling in the dancing eddies
of a mountain stream that we
feel as ourselves
a throbbing purity being born
moment to moment
flowing and rising to levels
where only God can call us….
and only beloveds have eyes to see
to behold and feel..
reeling in the beauty we return
cleansed and innocent
and new again…

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