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A song to sweeten the air..

July 24, 2017

1472760_10202651190068908_1048250042_n (1).jpg The Oracle



Forever awakening me
into this pure silence
and the sweet joy
of your presence..

You touch my heart..
my hand is resting there..
love is in the air
nestling in my hair..

for this I was born
and given form..
to share my prayer
rising and warm..

like mist from
my tears and cries..
surrendering sighs
and my laughing eyes..

the way a river knows
and flows to the sea.
your spirit guides
my way to thee..

fashioned by fire
dancing higher and higher
a vanishing flame
is melting my name..

every moment is new..
a symphony of sharing..
oracles of caring
sing songs of loving you..






The Mystery of Grace

July 19, 2017



The very mystery of this

whirling and unfolding universe

is the constant variation,

the centering Source of evolving life,

and a deep sense of belonging

to a community of divine imagination.

We are challenged to have faith

in this magnificence and gratitude

for the pure Grace we are given!


Spiraling energies of creation..

July 18, 2017
There is something wonderful
working in the world
and in the natural flow
of life..
an energy
that moves this existence
moment to moment..
Trying to name it or trying
to control it changes
the inner wisdom
and steals the wonder
of discovery..
Watch a child exploring
his world..
with delight starting
at the beginning..

And a little child shall lead us..

We are seldom taught
to trust it
because someone
wants to pay you to live
their ideas and answers..
or charge you for learning
them by luring you away
away from the gift
of your own gloriously
divine heritage..
you are entrapped..
doubting who you are
in a world where
everyone else seems
to think they have the answers..
Live the awareness of the flow
and the infinite portals
ever opening
around and within you
here on earth
as it is in heaven..



July 14, 2017

wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth


The wondrous creative tension
in the moments before dawn
is a time of high awareness
when we are interlacedĀ 
with the alchemy of creation
and the sacred energy of life itself..
the source of all becoming..
a portal opens as the sun is rising
and illuminating our world..
a new way of seeing..
The Beloved seems to share
the gift and experience of beholding..
a communion of Spirit..
as a deep glimpse of freedom
comes into view..
the light of our eternal
invitation into a new way of being..
and a deeper relationship
with the Beloved…
a thrilling unity with all life..
the glory of Grace…


A divine portal…

July 10, 2017

1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light


O dearest beloved, may you remain
nameless, robed in spirit and dancing light..
free to transform my world
into infinite beauty and deepest love..
creating and playing
riding wind and waves
sweeping my being into yours
to feel your glory..
and sheltering grace..
melting my form and face
into a place in your spiritual heart..
at home in your soul..
gliding and whole in the embrace
and flow.. only a beloved
can truly feel and know…
forever aglow
in you…


A precious point of unity

July 3, 2017



What is your point of oneness
with everything
what is the refuge…
the sacred energy
that unites you with all that is..

for that which sets us apart
to praise.. to criticize.. to admire
to judge..or even to hold us sacred
can make us feel separate..
There is a unity..a point of oneness
that connects us with all life…

Many in all fields have searched
for the secret mentally..
physically.. emotionally..and
spiritually..what is the inclusiveness
that draws us into oneness…

For me it is the energy of Spirit
where we flow together..
we rise and manifest from that
energy and meet and flow
in the sea of being..
the rivering streaming flow
that moves us in a
universal connectedness..

It is timeless..placeless..nameless
invisible and totally inclusive..
embracing everything
all that is…
a truly natural belonging
a vanishing point
of awe
where we are all one..


A Portal of Grace

July 2, 2017



Every single life
has a beauty of its own
some are slower
to awaken to the music
of the danceĀ 
with the universe
to sing the song of their
inner joy
to live the dream..

Let no one try to steal the gift
of the grace of who you are
or tries to make
you believe
you are less than a beloved
creation of God..

Sometimes the world contrives
to sets its own measure
of worth on another
but misses the mark when
it claims to know
what is best for you..

Something happens when
a golden ray of sun
warms and caresses you
touches and blesses
your upturned face
and welcomes you into the day..

A green valley beckons and invites
you to lie down and rest
in the soft meadows
and listen to the river sing
its songs for you..

Arms of love encircle you
placing a robe around
your shoulders
and a crown of light
as the universe kneels
to greet you..

Forgive the ignorant and fearful ones
who make you doubt yourself
for you were created to be loved by
a great and glorious creator
who wants to share
the riches of Nature
and the divine glory of love
to grant you the freedom
to be…the beloved is
waiting for thee to set you free…


Present to the Glory of the Beloved

July 2, 2017


13662028_10210230397104347_5515237821977124780_o.jpg Beloved


The Beloved has infinite faces

beauty that blinds the eyes

opens the heart

tenderly soothes the soul

clears the mind

and frees the spirit

gentle life-giving breath that invites

the blossoming of flowers

awakens eternal spring

sweeps the universe with light

and dancing colors

caresses the night with a sweet


guiding a crescent moon

through the stars

inclusive love cradling all life

using divine power

and glory for the good of all

a sharing of magnificence

calling us home in spirit to dwell

in rhythm with the music

of a perfectly circling and spiraling being

of thrilling belovedness…

the center of my existence..

my reason for being..