A Portal of Grace



Every single life
has a beauty of its own
some are slower
to awaken to the music
of the dance 
with the universe
to sing the song of their
inner joy
to live the dream..

Let no one try to steal the gift
of the grace of who you are
or tries to make
you believe
you are less than a beloved
creation of God..

Sometimes the world contrives
to sets its own measure
of worth on another
but misses the mark when
it claims to know
what is best for you..

Something happens when
a golden ray of sun
warms and caresses you
touches and blesses
your upturned face
and welcomes you into the day..

A green valley beckons and invites
you to lie down and rest
in the soft meadows
and listen to the river sing
its songs for you..

Arms of love encircle you
placing a robe around
your shoulders
and a crown of light
as the universe kneels
to greet you..

Forgive the ignorant and fearful ones
who make you doubt yourself
for you were created to be loved by
a great and glorious creator
who wants to share
the riches of Nature
and the divine glory of love
to grant you the freedom
to be…the beloved is
waiting for thee to set you free…


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