A precious point of unity



What is your point of oneness
with everything
what is the refuge…
the sacred energy
that unites you with all that is..

for that which sets us apart
to praise.. to criticize.. to admire
to judge..or even to hold us sacred
can make us feel separate..
There is a unity..a point of oneness
that connects us with all life…

Many in all fields have searched
for the secret mentally..
physically.. emotionally..and
spiritually..what is the inclusiveness
that draws us into oneness…

For me it is the energy of Spirit
where we flow together..
we rise and manifest from that
energy and meet and flow
in the sea of being..
the rivering streaming flow
that moves us in a
universal connectedness..

It is timeless..placeless..nameless
invisible and totally inclusive..
embracing everything
all that is…
a truly natural belonging
a vanishing point
of awe
where we are all one..


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