Spiraling energies of creation..

There is something wonderful
working in the world
and in the natural flow
of life..
an energy
that moves this existence
moment to moment..
Trying to name it or trying
to control it changes
the inner wisdom
and steals the wonder
of discovery..
Watch a child exploring
his world..
with delight starting
at the beginning..

And a little child shall lead us..

We are seldom taught
to trust it
because someone
wants to pay you to live
their ideas and answers..
or charge you for learning
them by luring you away
away from the gift
of your own gloriously
divine heritage..
you are entrapped..
doubting who you are
in a world where
everyone else seems
to think they have the answers..
Live the awareness of the flow
and the infinite portals
ever opening
around and within you
here on earth
as it is in heaven..


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